I really enjoy being an attorney. I even look forward to Monday mornings and I don’t plan on retiring.

I grew up in Indiana on a farm, which means I learned early how to work hard … and keep working until the job was done. After getting up at 5 am every morning since the age of nine, to milk cows, I was glad to receive a track scholarship to attend Ball State University in Indiana. A coach from a rival school helped me receive the scholarship! In college, I took every philosophy class I could. In college, I met and fell in love with my wife. Wow! Yes, birds chirped and fireworks went off when we meet. We married in 1965 after I graduated from college … and by God’s grace … we remain married. I like to tell my friends “I married up!” I’m still in love with my wife.

I graduated from Valparaiso law school in 1968 and received an award for the “Most Advanced Student.” Everyone in our 3rd year class passed the Indiana Bar exam … yes 100% of us. A Senator from Indiana hired me after I made a presentation to the Board of Directors of Valparaiso Law School. Later I served as a Deputy Prosecutor and Assistant School attorney. In 1970, Governor Whitcomb of Indiana, appointed me as a Crime Commissioner for central Indiana. 

With two wonderful children, we moved to Michigan in 1978. My son works down the hall from me. He’s one of my friends. My daughter is overseas and a source of joy. We have nine grandchildren. We moved to Holland in 1994 and love living and working in Holland.

In the community, in 2006, I had the privilege of being invited to “Leadership Holland,” a program within the Holland Chamber of Commerce.  This year, I have the privilege of serving as the Chair for Economic Day, Leadership Holland. 

ESTATE PLANNING. I enjoy drafting customized Trusts that protect client’s estates “for” their children … and if necessary  … “from” their children… and others. My trusts also "disinherit" Uncle Sam (none of my clients have paid estate taxes to date), reduce the costs and time involved in estate settlement (I’ve been able to settle some estates in about 24 hours instead of the average 13 months minimum with probate), and can increase asset protection from "predators" and "creditors." I have drafted more than 1,400 trusts since moving to Holland in 1994.

BUSINESS. I enjoy acting as "General Counsel" for the approximate 400 businesses that I have set up since moving to Holland in 1994. To avoid the costs of a traditional law firm and building, I have the privilege of having a “Back Office” of other attorneys who, as specialists, provide additional legal services to my business clients.

REAL ESTATE. I enjoy helping my clients buy and sell their homes and businesses. My fees average 1% of the purchase price.

How do we draft “trust plans that work” at Ailes law?  We meet together to:  

1) DESIGN the trust(s)

2) REVIEW the trust drafts that have explanations in gray highlighted comment boxes

3) SIGN the trust(s) and

4) TRANSFER the trusts INTO their trusts through "Letters of Instruction" and other non legal and legal transfer documents. I'll offer to periodically update your trust and transfers. Transferring assets to a trust is what makes a trust effective … avoids probate … and avoids estate taxes. Did you know a properly drafted trust can avoid $945,000 of federal estate taxes for a couple worth $3 Million after Jan 1, 2011, under current law.
Do you have a trust? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to buy or sell a business … then CALL CHUCK. 
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