At Ailes law, we believe that developing an estate plan is more about living than dying, this is why we use the term “Life Focused” estate planning.

A custom designed trust for your custom designed life. At Ailes Law, we believe because GOD created everyone uniquely, the trusts we prepare for you should be unique to you. We’ll work together to design a Trust that will work for you... tailored to fit your unique situation.

After your trust or will is designed, we’ll take the time to review your trust and other papers in your plan by giving you “working drafts” to edit and review. We revise your drafts into the customized final documents you’ll sign. We believe this often overlooked work of review is essential to designing an estate plan that works for you. We work hard on your plan at Ailes Law because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to designing trusts and wills.

The last step in the process is the transfer of your assets to your trust, or as we say, “fill and cap.” We’ll offer to do the transfer paperwork for you so that your trust is filled with your assets and capped to increase your protection from any “predators and creditors.”

Ailes Law offers to meet with you every two years to update your trusts by making any changes you want, or changes that the law requires. Why? Because “up to date” plans work better than “out of date” plans.

Along with custom designing trusts and wills, our services also include the following:
• General Counsel for Small Business Owners.
• Team Based Business Planning.
• Assistance in Buying/Selling Businesses and Homes.
• Assistance in New Corporation and LLC start ups.

At Ailes Law, we enjoy giving people just like you increased control of their lives, wealth and businesses. Call Ailes law to increase your control, after all, you’ve worked hard to build your estate and business, you should have a plan that will work just as hard to protect them.