Business Law:

If your considering startig a business and want to lay a foundation of core values that will guide the start and sontinuation of your business, call attorney Chuck Ailes at 616-399-9700

Starting a Business

Although there are te ways to start a new business in Michigan, most clients use one of two common entities:

A Limited Liability Company, either ownder by one person or by many

A Corporation , either a "S" Corporation or a "C" Corporation

Both provide limited liability protectiom. Ailes Law will work with your accountant or CPA to detirmine the tax classification that will give you the best tax advantages. An LLC can be taxed as a corporation.

Call us and we will check to see if the names you want for your business is available while we talk on the phone. Ailes law will fax you a draft of the starting papers to review, have you legally incorporated (INC) or organized (LLC) within days and have the final papers ready in one week.