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If you need a Living Trust or Will, want to start a new business or if you're trying to sell your home "For Sale by Owner," give me a call!

If you want a Living Trust, I’ll meet with you (up to 4 times) to

Custom DESIGN the trust that will works for you,

REVIEW your working drafts (which have 'lay explanations' throughout),

SIGN your papers and then

TRANSFER your assets to your trust. Having a trust without anything transferred ("funded") to it is like having a bank account with no deposits!

Then I'll offer to periodically review and update your trust and plan with you. Why?
So it will work when you need it to work. We can also talk about “predator,” “creditor” and “asset” protection with a trust.

So if you want a trust that is custom designed, funded and reviewed, so it will work when you need it to work, call for an appointment. After your appointment is made, I'll mail you my "Estate Planning Info Kit" so we can begin the process of developing your plan.